Welcome to my little corner of cyber space! I am a Disney nut, thus the name of Goofy to combine with my favorite past time - scrapbooking! My "real" name is Kristie and I am an Independent Consultant with Close To My Heart.
I've set up my blog so that I may be able to share my creativity with others. I am an avid scrapbooker and card maker and I guess all around crafter of sorts.  I've recently blown the dust off my sewing machine and have gotten back into sewing projects.  And I've been stocking up the cupboards with home canned foods. 
I enjoy teaching and sharing crafty ideas & projects with others.  I hope to be bringing more tutorials in all "crafty" areas for your viewing pleasure or help.
Thanks for stopping on by. :) If you'd like to send me a note...my email is goofysacraftin {at} gmail {dot} com