Thursday, March 19, 2009


Last weekend the school at our church held a fundraiser event. It was a dessert and comedy night. OMG -- I laughed so hard! Tim Hawkins came and performed the comedy act -- he was fantastic!!

We also were entertained with students from the school, some performed and others had works of art displayed for us to view

Part of the fundraiser portion was the dessert. A hostess prepurchased a table for 8 and then sold the seats. The hostess was to create a centerpiece and a dessert. The table's display was voted on. My friend Kara had a table and asked for a little help brainstorming how to put her table idea together. She wanted to go with a paint theme as she and her husband own an exterior/interior paint business.

She had an idea of a paint can tipping and I had the same thought prior to her sharing her idea on using a paint can tipped over overflowing with fruits into a paint tray. How funny we were thinking the same thing! This totally helped us to work together since we had the same visual idea!

Kara paint splattered a drop cloth for our table cover. She used Fiesta Ware for our dishes -- the bright colors worked great for the paint theme! She also screwed a paint can to some boards elevate it up in the air to obtain that pouring out affect.

She then filled the paint can and paint tray with fruits. There were a couple other paint cans on the table filled with fruits as well so those sitting on the back of the display could still munch -- it was an edible centerpiece after all!

We used tomato paste cans with the labels removed, filled with weights and tissue paper for "paint". We stuck a paint brush in teh center and put the place cards into the paint brush. The place cards were made with paint chips.

The linen's were tied with a knot and a paint brush placed inside the knot. These were placed at the top of each place setting. We set the silverware on a paint chip as well since the napkin was elsewhere.

Kara made some YUMMY chocolate covered cheesecake bites and an ice cream cake. The plates were drizzled with caramel. We had a fun evening out!

So if you need any painting done this summer be sure to contact 4R Painting LLC

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