Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dry Erase Boards

I LOVE making these -- if you are in my family and viewing my blog, don't be surprised if you find one under your tree! LOL.

Sorry the photos are slightly blurry, the camera needed to flash but it was washing everything out.
Just click on them to view the image bigger.

I am doing a Holiday Home Based Business Bazaar this weekend so I've been creating a few handmade items to display! Here are a few of the Dry Erase boards I made up.

I also used the December Stamp of the Month some more see next post down for more details and artwork samples using this - it is so perfect for these!
All products used are Close To My Heart (except for the frames of course).


Roxanne McCleary said...

These are great! Nice job!

Kroppin Karen said...

I love these and have most of the supplies in my stash already. However, what makes them a "dry erase board". What do you coat them with on top to make the paper erasable??? Thanks, great blog!


Goofy Scrapper said...

Karen -- the papers are behind the glass of the frame. You simply write on the glass with a Dry Erase marker and then wipe off again.

I put the embellishments on top of the glass to give it added dimension.

Thanks for stopping by!
Kristie (Goofy Scrapper)