Sunday, March 14, 2010



If you have come from HALEY's site then you are on the right path.

I love this stuff!

Do you? Have you had the chance to use it?

Liquid Glass adds a dimension to your artwork that makes it shine or stay put.
It is a must have in my scrampin stash of supplies/tools.

Liquid Glass can be used as an embellishment or a liquid adhesive, how cool is that?

Just add a dab of it to your lumpy and bumpy embellishments for a super strong stick. I've even used it on my kids toys when a small piece has broke off. It comes in handy when you need just a little tiny area glued down and your Tombow is just too wide. I have also used it to attach fabric pieces together.

Here is a list of ways that I have used Liquid Glass on my artwork:

* On a Water Splash for a pool or beach page

* To give Shine to an Easter Egg as seen on this layout here

* On swirls on artwork for a subtle WOW factor

* As flower centers or dew drops on a flower

* Squirt a little bit of Re-Inker out and mix it with Liquid Glass for a tinted affect

How will you use Liquid Glass next?

Here is my ARTWORK SAMPLE using this fabulous little tool as my coordinates perfectly! LOL.

I chose to accent my B&T Duos with Liquid Glass. I added a dab to each "circle" on the paper and to each flower center. I also squirted out a big blog which dries into a great shiny clear accent instead of a brad or sparkle. Unfortunately I took my photo before the Liquid Glass was dry so you don't get the full affect. I will update the photo though so you can see a before and after of the Liquid Glass.

Now HOP on over to CINDY's site to see how she used LIQUID GLASS.


Cindy said...

Great accent on your page! I love Liquid Glass, too!

Wendy K. said...

Very nice card! I like the curl in the corner.

Haley D. said...

Lovely card!

Melissa said...

Perfect accent to your card! Very nice!

Carol said...

Love the accents.