Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Almost DONE!

I haven't been posted much on my blog it seems...I've been working full-time as a Licensed Tax Preparer and Aministrative Assistant. So "free" time has been non-existent it seems.

But day left of full-time work until next tax season...

The Product Spotlight Hop goes live tomorrow and you will see 20 of the Thank You Cards I created for our new clients this year. Despite the growing popularity of Turbo Tax we did manage to gain over 30 new clients this year, that is a lot of thank you cards to create! Fortunately I had a good stock on hand all ready to use. :)

Thanks for bearing with me and my virtually non-existent blog. Thankfully I've been in these blog hops so I'm at least getting 2 posts per month up for you to be viewing. I've got big plans in store so stay tuned in for some major overhauling to my blog and my CTMH business!!


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