Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Women's Retreat

The past few months have had me quite busy! I am the Women's Retreat Coordinator at our church and we just completed our weekend retreat. Now I can share with you a few of the goodies I've been working on....the others will come in a few days with the mid-month blog hop on the 15th.

We like to have a nice welcome gift in the rooms for each of the Ladies. This year our theme was TREASURE ... Discovering the Treasure of God's Love. Each attendee received a brightly colored folder with a Treasure Chest placed on top and some other various "treasures". I included some Hershey GOLD Nuggets, Gold Chocolate Coins, Seashell full of brightly colored "gems" aka Skittles and I hand made a fun Washer Pendant Keychain for each attender. Of course we all would like to get to know each other at the retreat so I made fun Name Tags and Door Signs so we knew where to find each other! Here are the Room Goodies I made.

Of course my printer ran out of ink when I reached the time for creating nametags and door signs, and the weekend schedule so I had to do it all by hand! Fortunately my ink arrived the night before we left for retreat so I was able to type and print out the check-in page.

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