Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So I have decided to take the plunge and jump on in head first into homeschooling my preschool age child! Since I really have NO CLUE as to what I'm doing...we are starting out slowly with just a little bit at a time in a morning. I am going the route of featuring a letter of the week. I found this resource to be a helpful starting spot.

We are creating our own Flash Cards together. I have so many stickers that I rarely use anymore so they are coming in perfectly handy for my kiddo to pick through and find ones that begin with our featured letter. We use these each day all throughout the day.

I've made adding fun -- we are using Pretzel M&M's that he gets to eat when math time is over. I've been timing this to be the last activity and ending it at snack time. The M&M math is only on Tuesday's so he's not getting candy every day!

I have found dot-to-dots, penmanship pages, coloring sheets and other activities to make it all fun for now and not overwhelming.

He is most excited to be doing craft projects so my time will be spent crafting with a 4 year old rather than working on my own craft to-do list! Perhaps in time he'll be keeping up with Mommy projects.

I have decided to pick my letter of the week this month centered around a Halloween Theme. Except for last week when I selected A. I did put thought into -- it is APPLE season of course and why not start with the first letter of the alphabet in my last minute decision to teach.

This week is the letter S. Story time at our local library focused on this letter so I ran with it. We had stories about Scarecrows so we kicked off Monday morning with Scarecrow school work. Today we looked at spiders.

Here are this week's crafts that have taken over Mommy's crafting time...

The Scarecrow needed colored, cut and glued. I love to color so I was more than happy to help color in the pumpkin when he was getting tuckered out.

The fun spider needed colored, cut and glued as well. We decided the legs he came with weren't long enough so we grabbed some black construction paper and made very long legs to our spider windsock.

My kiddo is so excited to be creating his own Halloween Decorations to put out around the house. :)

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Traci said...

Hi Kristie,

I homeschool, too and I love it. I just started reading "Thomas Jefferson Education" by Oliver DeMille. Its the best thing I've read so far. Good luck!