Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rolling Technique Tutorial

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This is a tutorial page that goes along with my Blog Hop contribution.

Stamp Rolling is a fun and easy technique to use to add a little extra flair to your stamped images. I especially love using this on fall LEAVES!

First step is to stamp your image in the LIGHTEST color first -- best results are with SOLID images but you could use an outline type stamp too.

I chose to use Creme Brulee as my base color.
Just twist twist twist, tap tap tap for even ink coverage.

Now flip your stamp over and set it down on your work space inky side up.
I wanted to add just a kiss of color randomly on my image so it was so contrasting.

I used my sponge tool and dabbed it in the Sunset ink color. This is my next lightest color.

I don't think I quite captured the Creme Brulee ink on the stamp too well in this picture. Your stamp should be all inky and just randomly dab the sponge on the image...more to the center. The edges will be covered up with our darkest color.

Now pull our your darkest color, I chose Barn Red for my fall leaves. Hold the stamp in your hand and we are going to gently touch the edges of the image onto your stamp pad.

And roll it around. So you have your stamp in your hand, you are touching one edge of the image to the ink and your are going to kind of rotate your wrist around rolling just the edges of your images in the ink. As you gain confidence, gently touch a little more towards the center to the ink as well.

You might be looking at something like this now.

The Barn Red is quite drastic against the yellow/orangey colors. You can stamp your image as it is now....OR I like to take my spone and dab at the darker "lines" some to soften and blend them in just a little more. Any sponge will do, I had a cut portion of a round sponge handy...

This stamp set came with a 2 step process, the leaf then it's veins are separate. I chose to ink mine up in the Barn Red and stamp over the leaf.

When you are ready...stamp your image onto your project or paper.

We still need to add in the veins....

This image shows a leaf inked in Creme Brulee, sponged on some Pear and rolled in Barn Red with veins inked in Barn Red.

Here is our ROLLED leaf ready to cut out.

After I cut out the leaves, I like to kind of pinch them down on the ends and kind of crinkle them in the middle to add dimension to the project.

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