Sunday, August 7, 2011

Captain America

Who else has a super hero fan? With all of these Marvel Comic movie releases we are constantly pretending to be yet another super hero!

When my son saw the Captain America "shields" in the toy department he REALLY wanted one. It is basically a frisbee painted up to look like Captain America's shield, it does have a handle on the back to be used as a shield but it doubles as a frisbee as well. My pocketbook wasn't really liking the $8-$10 price tag for something that would end up over our fence and chewed on by a neighboring dog when it wasn't being used as a shield.

Sooooo....we decided to make one! Big Brother is gone for 2 weeks, Daddy is working long hours and we needed something different to do anyways. Nothing beats a craft project!

I originally thought we'd just paint paper plates but when I dug into the cupboard for the sturdy ones I remembered my round cardboard cake "plates". They are about 12" in diameter -- perfect for my little Captain America.

We used things from around the house as our cookie cutter, plates and bowls of varying sizes for our circles. Red, White & Blue Delta Ceramacoat paints.

For the handle on the back I had some wide ribbon that we glued down in a loop then I also used packing tape to reinforce it's stability. I knew it would see some tough battles! I just ran the tape across the inside of the loop then ran it the other way over the tape to help keep it on.

This is what we came up with:
I would say this looks GREAT for a 5 year old! I did help with the star's edges and the blue but he did the red and white completely. He did request I make another for his 14 year old brother...I'm sure he will so appreciate having his own when he gets home. LOL.

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