Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Countdown

This is my workshop sample.

I absolutely LOVE Christmas time! I can not wait until Christmas, the day to celebrate Christ's birth. I think the focus of this season gets lost in all of the commercialism that has become of this glorious day. My goal this year is to make sure the focus is always on Jesus's birth and not on what everyone thinks they need to find under the tree. Our family shopping is done and all I want to hear is how or what can we GIVE to others instead of "I want this, or I need that".

Whether it be cookies for an elderly neighbor or shopping for toys for a toy drive -- December for our family is going to be all about GIVING.

When I saw these cute little Christmas countdown calendars on Leslie's Blog HERE, and later again HERE I knew I HAD to make one of my own. I'm trying to figure out how to embellish each date with ways to GIVE each day until Christmas but until then, we'll write it down on the regular wall calendar.

Here is the Christmas Countdown that I'll be displaying in my home.


I received a newsletter from my M.O.M.S. group with an article called "Begging For Myrrh" by Trina Conner Schaetz (also found here online). Take a minute to read it if you want to see a fun way to bring back the focus of Christmas without giving up the gifts! Because admit it, it is so much fun to see your kids faces light up when they see all the goodies under the tree. This article shares a way to explain WHY Jesus received the gifts he did and shares how you can also give your child or loved ones gifts of a similar nature and talk again about Jesus's birth. Keeping CHRIST the center of CHRISTmas. Read the article and see what you think!

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Leslie said...

Love your version. thanks for the mention.