Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ahoy, me Hearties!

I was asked to be the Women's Retreat Coordinator for our church this year. I served on The Retreat committee last year so I agreed to the task! I have learned over the year's from the best, my Mom. She is the QUEEN of organizing activities. I can not even compare to her abilities but I do think I have what it takes to throw an enjoyable bash. AND I've learned to delegate...I have an awesome team of ladies assisting!

I hadn't made up The Retreat flyers yet and thought the bulletin board would be a great eye grabber and get The Ladies eager to sign-up so that is where I began on the advertising end of things. I had it up a few weeks ago.

I am so thankful I bought a Cricut! It did most of my cutting for me. I did use all CTMH papers for the project. This is one of the most simplest of bulletin boards I've ever created but it gets the job done!

Our theme this year is TREASURE and of course with being a Mom of boys, my first thought was a Pirate's Treasure. So we are planning to set sail in search of some buried treasure, er...uh...God's Treasure anyways!

Now I've also finished up the flyers....and I'm currently working on our attendee favors. I can't wait to show off that project!

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