Friday, May 20, 2011

Mother's Day and a CHALLENGE!

ACK! I created my Mother's Day cards, put together a fun gift and forgot to take pictures! I finally had a chance to sneak into my craft room to create and didn't snap a photo. So bummed I still don't have pic's to share!

They were very simple since I do have to be quick in my creations. It was a baby step though getting back into my creative space.

I used the papers from SOPHIA -- I love that paper packet, I just don't have girls so it will be reserved for gifting. I don't think that if I describe it, it will even do it justice! How about a challenge though? I'll tell you what I used then see what YOU can create using the same items and no visual inspiration?

Here is the challenge:

What can you create using these supplies:

Big Pinks Paper Flowers (or any paper flowers)
Crochet Flower
Prisma Glitter
Chipboard Letters
Sophia Papers

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