Thursday, May 5, 2011


Has it really been since the first of April since I've had a blog post?? And a pretty much NOTHING post at that!!

I admit, I have not be creating. Tax season takes such a toll on our family dynamic that we are accustomed to. This last season was harder, I was working full-time at the tax office, very part-time cleaning and then it is also Prep Basketball season which takes up the evenings and weekends. I think I was home long enough to clean, eat, sleep...our house is for sale to boot. If you've put your home up for sale and have small kids then you definitely know what I'm going through. The house has to be "company clean" ALWAYS!

We planned a vacation in the middle of the was such a reward to end that crazy season with a fun filled vacation. I'll do a separate post for that.

I've been having crafting time withdrawals actually. The house is for sale so if I start a project it has to be something I can also finish in that same session. I can't just cram/hide it in the closet -- people are looking in the closets too! I am a messy crafter...I start with an idea and then it sits out while I expand upon the initial thought. Sometimes just a day, other times several!

I'm hoping to be better about creating and posting....I NEED to be better, I'm lost without my creative outlet I think!

Stay tuned....there WILL be more artwork to come.

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