Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Deals To Be Had

I don't know about you -- but I'm always up for a good deal out there. If I can save $$ in other areas, that leaves me more for $$ for other things -- like SCRAPBOOKING supplies! Some stockpile toilet paper -- I like to stockpile PAPER! LOL.

So a wonderful gal at church has been leading a series on Frugal Living. I am loving this mini series so much! It has to do with couponing, saving money and even making a little back in the end. Who doesn't like free money? In order to get to that point (free money) you need to be clipping coupons and using them at the right places. Angela's blog will update with deals she finds out there and which coupons to use, if you have them. That's the key -- IF YOU HAVE THEM. I just started clipping coupons this Sunday so I'm behind!

Which leads me to my next thought for you, take a minute to visit Angela's Blog. She posted that someone has donated 13 weeks of coupons which Angela has created a giveaway to determine who to give them to.

Click here Giveaway #1 and enter to win one bundle of coupons.

Then click here Giveaway #2 (if you're from the PDX area) and enter to win another bundle of coupons -- but be sure to say Kristie sent you in your comment!

So get out there, clip coupons -- and begin saving money!

Happy Scrapping -- Stamping -- Scrampin......

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